2 Decades of Travel Tips

Over the past 2 decades, the Progressive Traveller has been fortunate to have visited over 40 countries, and along the way learnt many useful travel tips! Here are some of those tips for you and hopefully make your travel experience easier, safer and more enjoyable

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Staying Fit For Hiking

Travellers need to stay fit, especially for hiking which often means getting used to different altitudes from where you live. Preparation is vital and could save your life!

Eating Well When You Travel

Fitness Foods

Energy bars and protein are useful to carry when you are travelling especially for people planning to go hiking or participating in sports.

Energy Foods

Choose foods that give you energy and keep your levels up for extended periods so you have the stamina to get you through the day.


Hydration is very important, especially in hot climates, so always carry water with you when you are hiking or don’t have access to fresh drinking water.  Remember water in some countries can be contaminated so check before you drink. Bottled water is always the safest choice when in doubt.

Learn to Pack Light!

On your trip you’ll meet two kinds of travellers – those who pack light and those who wish they had!

Travel Related Tips

Travel Resources

Check out my travel recommendations page for more info about searching flights, accommodation and more.


Health tips include information about health insurance options, vaccines and medical visits overseas.

Travel Safety & Security

How to keep your money and passport safe while you are travelling, also tips for staying

Shopping for Bargains

Bargaining tradition vary from country to country, so read up about your destination so you know what the accepted practice is.

Money Exchange

Changing money concerns many first time travellers, making the decision whether to take cash or travel cards can be daunting.

Best Places to Stay

Tips for great value accommodation across the globe.

TripAdvisor Reviews

Read The Progressive Travellers Reviews

The Progressive Traveller has written over 450+ reviews on TripAdvisor, incorporating hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, flights, tours and loads more. 


Popular in many countries

Backpackers Hostels

A variety of options from shared and private rooms are available all over the world. Hostels aren’t just for the young. Baby boomers choose hostels to enable them to travel more. Most hostels offer private room with private bathrooms. 

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